Sunday , June 25 2017

POMONA RESTAURANT REVIEW “Mi Jalisco” by Pomona Resident John Clifford

by John Clifford Mi Jalisco--2256 S Garey Ave My meal Cost: under $8 with tip. Health Rating A. 4.5 stars on Yelp This Mexican restaurant is located in the same shopping center as Tacos Mexico and Pho Noodles & Grill. At 12:30 it had a few customers but was not by any means crowded. On my arrival, the waitress brought a basket of chips and a small molcajete of salsa to the table and asked to take my beverage order. Very pleasant. The chips were not warm, but were good, not greasy. The salsa was a thin salsa with a good amount of heat, Mrs. C would not have been able to handle it, but I like things a little hotter. Again, my personal preference for a salsa with chips is something more akin to a pico de gallo. A little chunky and a little more mild. But this was pretty good. Mi Jalisco 1 The menu is fairly standard Mexican with combos, tacos, fajitas, burritos, etc. When the waitress returned with my drink (iced tea), she asked for my order. I told her that I was thinking of a combo and she informed me that the Chili Rellenos where not ready (??? at 12:30?). I ordered a combo with a taco and a tamale. The combos come with rice and beans. For my taco, I ordered a street taco with lengua (finally got a tongue taco--that wasn't available last week at Tacos Mexico). The taco came with a little sauce, lettuce, and crema. I have had deli tongue in the past and been unimpressed (mostly due to texture). This taco was good. The tongue is a mild flavor and it was quite tender. Again, mild flavor so I probably would prefer carnitas or carne asada, but this was good. When going to a new, to me, Mexican restaurant I like to judge them by their rice and their tamales. A good tamale and rice ranks high with me. The tamale here was shredded beef topped with cheese and a small amount of a red sauce. The maza was excellent, light and fluffy, not too dense, just the way I like it. The beef was well seasoned. My only comment is that there wasn't enough sauce, so the maza was a little dryer than I would like. However, adding a little of the salsa made it perfect, if a little spicy. The rice was adequate, nothing special, but OK. All in all, a pretty good meal, and an excellent value for the money  

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