Saturday , March 17 2018

Pomona Proud Accentuates The Positive, Promotes Local Businesses, And Encourages Community Pride.


Proud Digital Media (844) 90-PROUD (77683)  Fax (866) 380-6337 Email Owner/Publisher... Gary W. Lawson, DPA

       Starting in Pomona, California in late 2015, University Marketing Professor, Dr. Gary Lawson, developed the nation's first local, city-based, integrated digital media network.  In less than a year, Pomona Proud included 14 digital platforms that reached 60,000+ people on their phones, computers and mobile devices.  Using this local city digital network, Dr. Lawson created an inexpensive, effective method to accentuate the positive; provide relevant local information; increase local pride; promote shopping local and in general, help make Pomona a better place to live, work and visit.

       Using Pomona Proud as a template, a new corporation was formed, Proud Digital Media, that would start local digital media networks in 57 cities throughout the U.S. with 35 of the cities located in California.   At minimum,  each city digital network will include three websites: (1) local business promotion; (2 local events & information; (3) local deals & coupons. In addition, each city digital network, at minimum, includes the following digital platforms: (1) facebook; (2) Instagram: (3) Pinterest: (4) YouTube; (5) Itunes; (6) SnapChat; (7) Google+; and (8) Twitter.

       Now, every Proud Digital Media city network is growing. This new marketing and information system makes the cost of advertising and promotion affordable and extremely effective. The social, mobile and local (SoMoLo) system of marketing and communication that started in Pomona will soon become the preferred method for all businesses and organizations to reach their target market.