Tuesday , February 20 2018

Proud Digital Media w/Advertising Available In 57 Cities


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       Advertisers use Proud Digital Media to put their message on the phones of their target audience in the city or cities of their choice. Proud Digital Media is cutting-edge, low-cost and very effective.  Replacing traditional "old school" business marketing, the business marketing methodology used by Proud Digital is called SoMoLo (Social, Mobile and Local).  Proud Digital Media has the first and only independent SoMoLo advertising platform in the U.S.  Advertisers can choose one city, several cities and/or cities nationwide.  SoMoLo advertising is online, on phones, mobile accessible, searchable, affordable, available 24/7,  and the SoMoLo advertising effectiveness can be tracked by analytics. To get more information and/or a free, no-obligation quote, call toll free (844) 907-7683, or send an email to CityProud@gmail.com