Saturday , March 17 2018


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The Best Chicken & Waffle House In Southern California is in Pomona

On a calm and sunny Friday afternoon, our Pomona Proud Street Team drove out to a local restaurant that had been generating heavy buzz through social media. The destination was Day Day's BBQ & Waffle House located on 994 E Holt Blvd. The place was surprisingly cozy and stood next to a liquor …

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1909 Pomona City Stables – Still Standing Near The Corner of White and Monterey

The Pomona City Stables also known as the Pomona City Yards Brick Building is an old brick structure, still standing near the corner of White and Monterey Avenues in the Pomona City Yard. It was designed and built when the population in Pomona was growing and there was an increased …

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Pomona Police Explorer Program

The Police Explorer program offers young adults the chance to gain experience in law enforcement. There are opportunities for both males and females. Many explorers have gone on to follow their interest in law enforcement and make it a career. If you have an interest in law enforcement, become an …

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Cal Poly Pomona Dumps Bill Cosby – Revokes Honarary Doctorate!

Cal Poly Pomona Revokes Bill Cosby’s Honorary Doctor of Letters Degree The California State University system has become the latest to take back an honorary degree from Bill Cosby.  In a closed session, the board decided it would rescind the honorary Doctor of Letters degree Cosby received in 1992 from …

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#Pomonacopia: The Latest and Greatest Art Mural in Pomona


#POMONACOPIA Andre Miripolsky , a renowned international artist, has been working on a large-scale mural project titled Pomonacopia for The School of Arts & Enterprise's new middle school located on 325 S Main Street in downtown Pomona. The new mural will be covering the entire exterior wall of the building and will serve as a …

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Terror is the Darkside of Bravery – Reverand Roxie


To fear things unknown is to be human. To allow them to keep us from everything that we each and all are is also human. Blaming yourself for all of your troubles is not the same as taking responsibility for changing them.Welcome to the Darkside of Bravery. I will admit …

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California Polytechnic University Pomona

California Polytechnic University Pomona  California State Polytechnic University--Pomona is a public institution that was founded in 1938. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 20,952, its setting is suburban, and the campus size is 1,438 acres. It utilizes a quarter-based academic calendar. California State Polytechnic University--Pomona's ranking in the 2015 …

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Homeless Corner – Nancy’s Story, A Single Mom w/Two Little Children

Homeless Corner by Ron Williams Pomona Homeless Advocate With the threat of El Nino and the potential for a deluge of torrential rain on the horizon, Pomona Proud has recently featured several articles chronicling the homeless plight in the city of Pomona. These articles have generated a vast number of …

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LA Hero Pace Program – Conserve Water and Energy

New form of financing can help Pomona residents install artificial turf, water-efficient appliances, solar, HVAC, energy-saving windows, water-saving technologies and more. Payments are made through property taxes. Pomona residents can now access the HERO Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Program.  This program enables Pomona homeowners to make energy- and water-efficiency …

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Pomona Police Department Area Commander Program

The Pomona Police Department has started a new program changing the way they police communities, the Area Commander COPS (Community Oriented Problem Solving) program. The program divides Pomona into four quadrants using Holt and Garey as dividing lines. There are four Lieutenants in the Operations Division, and each of these lieutenants is …

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