Friday , March 16 2018


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Cal Poly Pomona UAS Drone Operator At Cal Poly Pomona


Cal Poly Pomona Teaches UAS Drone Operators The College of Extended University (CEU) at Cal Poly Pomona launched an Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) program. The program allows participants to begin the process to become a certified unmanned aerial system (UAS) operator. CEU is the first accredited institution in California to …

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Pomona Little Free Libraries Are Showing Up Everywhere

Pomona Little Free Library

Pomona Little Free Library Pomona Little Free Library is awesome. Most of us, especially young children, enjoy reading books, but too often we can't make it to the Pomona Public Library.  Because of this, to promote reading within our community, Little Free Libraries are being placed around Pomona. What exactly is a …

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Pomona Police Participating – Pink Patch Project To Increase Public Awareness of Breast Cancer

Pomona Police are all smiles because they are participating in the 2017 Pink Patch Project 🎀. The #PinkPatchProject is a campaign designed to increase public awareness about breast cancer and to raise funds against the disease. Pomona PD is proud to be a participating agency in this project.

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July 3, 2017, City Mourns Fatal Shooting Of Downtown Pomona Bookstore Owner, Dwain Kaiser

*photo from GoFundMe Campaign On July 3, 2017, the City of Pomona was saddened by the fatal shooting in Downtown Pomona of long-time Downtown Pomona business owner, Dwain Kaiser. Dwain Kaiser (69), owned Magic Door Used Books, with his wife, JoAnn.  Dwain positively impacted many lives.  Dwain was fatally shot …

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Pomona Detention Facility Pomona Fairgrounds House Japanese 1942

Pomona Detention Facility Pomona Fairgrounds House Japanese 1942 Pomona was one of fifteen "Assembly Centers" administered by the Wartime Civil Control Administration (WCCA). The detention facility was populated from May 7 to August 24, a total of 110 days. On July 20 the camp population peaked at 5,434 persons. The inmates …

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Elizabeth Ontiveros-Cole Pomona City Council 4th District Is A Strong Opponent To Corruption (Lincoln Park area)

Elizaeth Ontiveros-Cole represents the residents of Pomona, and she works hard to keep people informed.  She has become a new champion in Pomona leadership.  She is steadfast in her beliefs, resolved in her principles, and will not be bought.   She is a strong opponent to corruption and inside deals. …

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After 94 Years, Pomona YMCA Closes / Pomona Boys & Girls Club Loses Its Charter

*photo - 1924 Pomona YMCA members sitting on steps The 94 year old Pomona Valley YMCA gym surprised the community when it abruptly closed last year.  TA few years earlier, to save money, the YMCA moved into a leased gym in the Indian Hill Mall on Holt Ave.  Officials said …

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Be Proud. Be Pomona Proud. Pomona = Proud by Rev. Roxanne K. Cottell

Pomona = PROUD by Rev. Roxanne K. Cottell Stranger things have happened than just that I have pretty much changed my stance on this town we all live in, work in, communicate with each other in.  Hi...Iʻm Roxanne. I am your neighbor here. Perhaps you have read some of my …

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La Camara De Comercio Hispana De Pomona

La Camara de Comercio Hispana De Pomona comenzó en 2011 como una organización. CDCHP es una organización que ayuda a los miembros de negocios locales a trabajar en red con otras empresas hispanas. Debido a que la comunidad de Pomona es rica en cultura hispana, es importante unirse a la …

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Pomona Summer School Open For Students With Limited Incomes

Address: Saint Madeleine Catholic Church (HOST) 931 E Kingsley Ave, Pomona, CA 91767 Administrative Mailing Address: 2200 Los Flores Street, Pomona, CA 91767 Telephone Number: (909) - 764 - 8017 Finding a school you trust to shape your child can be a hard venture, and Christopher Walker knows that. As …

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