Saturday , March 17 2018

“Tomorrow Will Be A Better Day” by Pomona Proud Owner Dr. Gary Lawson

  • What's going on?? I am watching the ABC news this morning and Pomona headlined the news x2: (1) there was an officer involved shooting regarding an attempted car jacking in Phillips Ranch; and (2) a gang related shooting at Jack N The Box on Towne at the 60.  (The Pomona Proud staff and I go to that Jack N The Box several times a week.)

    In the recent past, two people were shot just driving home. An 8 year old was murdered eating dinner. A person was stabbed in Downtown. There was an attempted car jacking in Phillips Ranch.  A gunman shot two adults in their apartment, and then ran around the apartment complex looking for a child he wanted to shoot.  Then, he was killed by the police.  The homeless and prostitutes have taken over the city. The City is dirty, decayed, and seemingly in uncontrolled chaos and disarray. Pomona is one of the few cities that has a major budget deficit, and the City is still not in compliance with the 2007 SB02 law to put in zones to get the homeless off the streets. Despite major improvements, Pomona is still perceived by many people both in and around the city as a corrupt, dirty, gang, homeless and crime infested, deadly, scary city.

    Pomona Proud tried to create a SHOP POMONA Program, and only 7 businesses showed. Pomona Proud tried to create a Pomona Tourist Board, and only 8 organizations came.  Pomona Proud has tried for two years to work with Pomona leaders, PUSD, DPOA, City Officials, the Chamber and they flatly refuse to help Pomona Proud in any way to promote the positive.  Even with the new Mayor that Pomona Proud supported, there has been few changes to include Pomona Proud in helping to positively promote the City.

    PUSD refuses to work with Pomona Proud as they lose thousands of students and tens of millions of dollars to other school districts and Charter Schools.  The streets and corridors continue to decay.  Diversity on Pomona's highest levels is nearly non-existant.  Transparency is getting better, but it is still dismal.   Former Mayor Rothman's cronnies are still in place, and few real changes are happening.

    With this recent major on-going negative news, Pomona can expect lower home prices; more difficulty getting customers to come to Pomona; more difficulty recruiting new businesses to come to Pomona; more difficulty increasing the tax base; more students leaving PUSD; and paying for needed city services will become harder.

    I personally love Pomona despite all its blemishes. I know Pomona is improving. However, there is so much recent negative news, especially with an innocent child getting murdered, that today I just want to cry. Pomona is in a major crisis, and it needs to be addressed.  We, who love Pomona, have a very long, very difficult journey ahead, and it is not going to get any easier!

    Tomorow, Pomona Proud will again be promoting the many positive things we have in this great city. Tomorrow, Pomona Proud will continue to promote Shop Pomona and working to keep our taxes in this community to pay the bills, but today, right now, I am sad and disheartened.  Today, I just want to share my pain.  My Pomona friends and neighbors, keep the faith.  Know in your heart that tomorrow will be a better day!

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