Saturday , March 17 2018


Pomona Little Free Libraries Are Showing Up Everywhere

Pomona Little Free Library

Pomona Little Free Library Pomona Little Free Library is awesome. Most of us, especially young children, enjoy reading books, but too often we can't make it to the Pomona Public Library.  Because of this, to promote reading within our community, Little Free Libraries are being placed around Pomona. What exactly is a …

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Pomona Detention Facility Pomona Fairgrounds House Japanese 1942

Pomona Detention Facility Pomona Fairgrounds House Japanese 1942 Pomona was one of fifteen "Assembly Centers" administered by the Wartime Civil Control Administration (WCCA). The detention facility was populated from May 7 to August 24, a total of 110 days. On July 20 the camp population peaked at 5,434 persons. The inmates …

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Elizabeth Ontiveros-Cole Pomona City Council 4th District Is A Strong Opponent To Corruption (Lincoln Park area)

Elizaeth Ontiveros-Cole represents the residents of Pomona, and she works hard to keep people informed.  She has become a new champion in Pomona leadership.  She is steadfast in her beliefs, resolved in her principles, and will not be bought.   She is a strong opponent to corruption and inside deals. …

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Be Proud. Be Pomona Proud. Pomona = Proud by Rev. Roxanne K. Cottell

Pomona = PROUD by Rev. Roxanne K. Cottell Stranger things have happened than just that I have pretty much changed my stance on this town we all live in, work in, communicate with each other in.  Hi...Iʻm Roxanne. I am your neighbor here. Perhaps you have read some of my …

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The Pomona Fremont High School Femineers

A group of female students at the Fremont Academy of Engineering and Design are embracing career paths in science. Known as the Fremont Femineers, the group consists of 24 girls in grades 10 and 11 – the top students in their class – who engage in hands-on STEM activities, including …

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Pomona Police Have A New FREE Phone Ap by Pomona Resident Brian Mundy

Pomona Police Have New Phone Aps by Pomona Resident Brian Mundy There of been questions that have been brought up in Pomona social media groups regarding the different ways the Pomona Police Department has to communicate to its residents. Some are a bit surprised to learn that the city of …

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Introducing Pomona Second Generation, Alvino Guzman, Owner Pomona Body & Paint and Pomona Express

       Located right off Mission Ave, Pomona Body and Paint is owned by Alvino Guzman.  Guzman is second generation Pomona, and continues as a current Pomona resident.  Graduate Garey High School.  His children were born and raised in Pomona, and Alvino cares so much about Pomona and is …

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Beautiful Pomona “Country Crossings Park” photos by Diana Arebalo

I've been a resident for over 32 years and didn't know what a gem of a park was in Phillips Ranch - Country Crossings Park, 10 Santa Clara Drive, Pomona, Ca 91766. Nice playground and great cardio stairs to get to it. Also, nice walking paths around the whole area.

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EVERY SATURDAY, 7 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. – Pomona Farmers’ Market $10 Matching Funds w/Many Government Programs

        Every Saturday, rain or shine, for 35 years, the Pomona Certified Farmers' Market has been selling fresh fruits and vegetables in the parking lot behind Purpose Church (formerly known as Pomona First Baptist Church).  This farmers' market offers day old bread at greatly reduced prices and …

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P-Town Willie Interviews Pomona’s Former Rock N Roll Mayor Candidate and Lead Singer Punk Rock Band Desperation Squad’s Kevin Ausmus

Downtown Pomona

Pomona Proud presents "P-Town Willie Keeps You Informed" a series hosted by Willie Campos a.k.a. P-Town Willie. This week's guest is Kevin Ausmus, otherwise known as "Mr. P", the lead singer of the legendary Pomona rock band "Desperation Squad". Listen to his entertaining stories from the past.  

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