Sunday , June 25 2017


Pomona’s Old Stump Brewery Is One Of Four Pomona Breweries

Pomona's Old Stump Brewery on focuses on "Good Taste". The Brewery has their flagship beer Red Hammock IPA.  Old Stump Brewery is one of four Pomona breweries: Sanctum Brewing Company, Innovation Brew Works and Homage Brewery.  

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POMONA SUCCESS STORY: Marcos Carrillo, U.S.C. Graduate & Founder of Pomona City F.C. Soccer Club

Like many children raised in Pomona, Marcos Carrillo, loves soccer. Around the age of 13, Marcos asked his dad if he could join club soccer. At the time, there weren’t any clubs in Pomona. So, his Dad had to drive him all they way to Santa Ana. Playing for Club …

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Top 5 Feelings You Have Felt While Living In Pomona

Pomona Proud compiled a list of the top five feelings You have DEFINITELY had while living in Pomona   1.  When you hear the jingle of the elote man!   2. When Phillips Ranch Tries to Say they aren't Pomona 3. When your neighbors won't turn off the music and …

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El Merendero Reviewed By Pomona Resident John Clifford “Eating Garey Ave.”

Follow Pomona resident John Clifford as he eats at EVERY restaurant on Garey Avenue, and writes about his experience. He started at In N Out on South in January. Stay tuned weekly to Pomona Proud ( and join John Clifford on his unique Pomona culinary journey moving North on Garey …

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Pomona Church Showcase “St. Paul’s Episcopal Church” Founded 1891

We are a progressive Episcopal community that strives to live out Jesus’ teaching both within ourselves and in the community. Wherever you may be on your path, come as you are. We welcome you to join us on our spiritual journey towards love and peace. “Preach the gospel at all times. …

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Youth Build Charter School

Youth Build

For decades, Pomona’s unemployment rates and poverty lines have dominated its social standing. The views on the city have shadowed it behind the opportunities it provides. One charter school in Pomona, however, has dared to step back into the light. As a result, it has been very successful and has …

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$0.50 Transportation around Pomona

WHAT IS GROUP SERVICE? The Pomona Group Service is a transportation program sponsored by the City of Pomona and operated by the Pomona Valley Transportation Authority. It is open to the general public and available to groups of six or more rides. HOURS OF SERVICE The Group Service operates 1:00 …

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Pomona’s Beginnings…Ygnacio Palomares and Ricardo Vejar Started Rancho San Jose In 1837

*photo Adobe de Palomares on Arrow Highway The Spaniards established the first European settlement in the Pomona area, Mission San Gabriel.  After Mexico became independent from Spain in 1821, a movement began to reduce the power of the missions. In the mid-1830’s, much of the land was opened for private …

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What is the Downtown Pomona Owners Association (D.P.O.A)?

Downtown Pomona is a safe, clean, friendly, historic mixed-use neighborhood that offers a place for arts, antiques, retail and entertainment. It also acts as the center for commerce, education, and cultural life of Pomona's diverse community. The core purpose of the Downtown Pomona Owners Association is to make Downtown Pomona …

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Pomona’s Newest 7 yr-old Entrepreneur! by Ron Williams, Founder Pomona Lion’s Gate Homeless Shelter

Pomona Newest Entrepreneur by Ron Williams Founder Lion's Gate Pomona Homeless Shelter        While eating breakfast at my favorite Pomona restaurant, a young, diminutive entrepreneur displaying a box of Sweet Tarts politely whispered to me, "Would you like to buy one, sir," "Are you selling them for soccer?", I asked. …

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