Friday , March 16 2018

July 3, 2017, City Mourns Fatal Shooting Of Downtown Pomona Bookstore Owner, Dwain Kaiser

*photo from GoFundMe Campaign

On July 3, 2017, the City of Pomona was saddened by the fatal shooting in Downtown Pomona of long-time Downtown Pomona business owner, Dwain Kaiser. Dwain Kaiser (69), owned Magic Door Used Books, with his wife, JoAnn.  Dwain positively impacted many lives.  Dwain was fatally shot in his Pomona apartment above the bookstore.  According to Pomona police, a teen boy has been arrested in connection to the crime.  The Magic Door's opened twelve years ago at 155 W. Second St.

Dwain and JoAnn lived below the poverty level. They owned one of the last used bookstores in Pomona, not because they made a enough money to live on, but because they loved educating our community. More importantly, they loved BOOKS. JoAnn is unable to cover the overwhelming expenses she will incur during this time of great loss: funeral, a memorial service, moving, and paying store bills.  To help JoAnn a fundme campaign has been set up. Click the link below, if you want to help JoAnn grieve the loss of her best friend and husband without the burden of wondering how she is going to survive financially. All proceeds will go toward Dwain’s funeral, a memorial service, and moving expenses.

Link for GoFundMe...  IMPORTANT... when using this link, make sure it ends with "ca" when you put it in the search bar.  This program is adding more to original link, causing a search error.

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