Saturday , March 17 2018

Pomona Resident Elmer Vidana Goes From Failing Ganesha High School To Receiving A Masters Degree.

  Elmer Vidaña has been a Pomona, CA resident for the past twenty-three years. Despite being classifed as a minority, Vidaña’s ultimate goal was always to be academically successful.  As a kid he was bullied because he was oelmer 4verweight and wore Wal-Mart tennis shoes. Today, Elmer Vidaña continues to be a career oriented professional with more than ten years of combined experience in logistics management, sales, and fitness management.  He is enthusiastic; self-motivated; a problem solver; a persuasive leader with an entrepreneurial spirit.elmer 2 Growing up he wanted to excel academically and become the best Little League Baseball player in Pomona.  He played for Pomona Youth Baseball leagues--Ted Green, Southwest, and Pomona American little league--for 12 consecutive years. In Pomona in the 90's Elmer was surrounded by gangs and other bad influences.  However, he had amazing parents at home so at times he lived a double life from the “block” to "home". His K-12 academic experience in the Pomona Unified School district was not easy because of the environmental surroundings.  In third grade he was in English as a Second Language “ESL” classes and was in speech class because he was unable to pronounce the letter “S” due to a speech impediment. Vidaña was continuously jumped by street gangs because he refused to join.   His beatings gave him facial bruises, which he told his parents came from a trip and fall or a baseball accident. During middle school Vidaña learned to manage a double life on the streets and at home.  In high school he continued playing baseball. He was devastated in his senior year when he was not given a high school diploma for failing the California High School Exit Exam requirement, but he did earn an Adult High School diploma. Later, the High School Exam requirement was legally abolished, and he was awarded his original High School diploma from Ganesha High School. Vidaña has since achieved an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice, Bachelor’s Degree in Business, and a Master’s degree in Business Administration. He continues to grow and thrive. Now, he wants to work to promote innovative solutions to the challenges facing ongoing professional and community endeavors. From difficult times growing up in Pomona,  Mr. Vidaña’ has become a marathon runner, an MBA graduate and a community National Adocate.  Elmer believes  anything is possible because of proper inner motivation, control, and desire to move forward in life. He has ongoing projects, which he is currently working on daily business brokerage operations, annual diabetes projects, constant marathon training, and other ongoing community undertakings. Vidana’s vision continues to be business, academics, running, health, community advocacy, and motivating lifestyle changes.

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