Sunday , June 25 2017
Pomona Congresswoman

Yesterday Pomona Democratic Congresswoman Norma Torres Voted Against Trump’s Healthcare Bill

Rep. Norma J. Torres (D-Pomona) issued the following statement on the American Health Care Act, the Republican plan to repeal Obamacare:  “I voted against the American Health Care Act, because it jeopardizes the health and financial security of my constituents, as well as the millions of men, women, and children across this countrywho would no longer have access to quality, affordable health care.  There are more than 300,000 residents of the 35th congressional district who rely on Medi-Cal and thousands more who were able to gain insurance for the first time thanks to the ACA. There is no question that this legislation would make it more difficult and expensive for seniors, families, and people with disabilities to access care. “Instead of rushing this bill to the President’s desk, Republicans should be working with Democrats to improve our health care system.  We all want to lower costs and expand access to affordable healthcare, and the bill we voted on today does neither.  I hope the Senate will be the voice of reason and put a stop to this train wreck before it is too late.”

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