Saturday , March 17 2018
Patterson Museum

Free, Family, Fun Patterson Museum – See Thousands of Years of Art in One Place

Petterson Museum
Petterson Museum is a place that brings together eastern and western techniques with the hope to represent the art culture of the world. It is located in Claremont, California on 34 acres of Pilgrim Place land. When you walk in, you are surrounded with antiquities, ceramics, costumes, decorative arts. ethnic and tribal arts, ethnology, folk art, prints, and textiles. The museum and all its art offer a view in to the past. It offers different views of places around the world, all open to interpretation. The art tells stories and suggests so many things that it leads to thinking about the beliefs, values, and attitudes of the art. The architecture, exhibitions, and modern and natural environment is said to create a "spellbinding" experience. Museum History The land that the museum sits on belongs to Pilgrim Place, a cultural and religious community established in 1915 for retired church workers. Current residents come from almost all the states and 47 countries. A collection of arts and crafts was brought by retiring missionaries, pastors, and donors. In 1968, Claremont citizens created the "Friends" initiative to protect and display all the art. In the 1980's, it became known that the art was important to the community and needed a permanent place to be displayed. With the help of the community and local artists like, Richard and Alice Petterson, the main gallery was opened in 1983. Today, there is three galleries, the Louise Emery Library, and a curator. The museum brings together hundreds of years of international and folk art. Current Exhibit The current exhibit displays items from the upper class society of the last two Chinese dynasties, the Ming and Qing. The items displayed were once used by the nobles and wealthy people of the two dynasties. The two dynasties existed from 1368 to 1912. The exhibit displays silk robes, jewelry, costume accessories. paintings, ivory, ceramics, lacquer, and metal artwork. The items were used by the high-class people of the dynasties or bought by rich Europeans for decoration. Visit the Museum Open to the public Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Admission is FREE! Guides and guided group tours are available and FREE! For a group tour or school tour, contact the Museum Curator, Carol Gil. For questions, call (909) 399-5544. Location: 730 Plymouth Road, Claremont, CA 91711

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