Saturday , March 17 2018

Pomona Unified School District Superintendent, Richard Martinez (Señor Guapo) 2017 Message

PUSD Superintendent's 2017 Message PUSD's motto this year is The Power of Now.  This refers to our growth as a Future-Ready school district where we are working to make our classrooms distinct models for 21st Century learning.  Ten schools will have 1:1 digital devices (Chrome Books) for our students in the coming months.  This first-phase rollout amounts to roughly 8,500 students who will now have Chrome Book computers in their possession.  Our educational enhancements will be phased-in so that within four years, every student in our district will have a digital device that they can carry back and forth between home and school.  Essentially, our students will have increased educational access that will fully prepare them for college and careers. Already this year we have won the District of Distinction Award for our outstanding after-school program, The Learning Connection.  Congratulations to Darlene Mosher, Susie Shaw, and their talented and creative staff for a job well done!

I must admit that this is an exciting time to be in education.  Technology is expanding learning far beyond a classroom's walls.  Our comprehensive high schools are adding new avenues for careers -- this year  Garey High School is opening the Academy of Finance & International Business, and its students will have opportunities to intern with both local business and Fortune 500 companies.  Palomares Academy will be using its new medical clinic to provide students with hands-on experience. Fremont Academy students will participate in workshops offered by professional engineers and architects. Village Academy's students will work on film, computer science and game design.  And Western University's Health Career Ladder program continues to provide our students with opportunities to be mentored in medicine, veterinary science, and pharmacology.

We are increasingly moving toward project-based learning that brings the "real world" into education.  This means that you also will be more engaged.  Your child’s creativity and enthusiasm will be called upon to meet these innovations in learning.  But as someone once said, "I am not telling you it is going to be easy.  I am telling you it is going to be worth it."  You will be at the brink of these changes in education and you will have the opportunity to help mold them to fit your students' needs.

The Power of Now means that we have the opportunity right now to maximize these changes.  In PUSD we are fortunate to have some of the best teachers in California.  Our teachers have won awards, honors, recognitions, but most of all they have won our students' hearts.  I know that in 2017-18, you will continue to inspire them and help them to make the most of their full potential.

Thank you for making me Proud to be PUSD!

Richard Martinez PUSD Superintendent 

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