Sunday , June 25 2017
  • Original fireplace

  • Banquet Hall

  • Celebrating more than 125 years

  • Original Testament

  • Pillars Boaz and Jachin

  • FreeMason George Washington

  • Mosaic Pavement

  • Dr. William McCollough Mosaic apron

  • Inter-lodge Masonry meeting hall

130 Years Old – Pomona Masonic Temple founded in 1877.

Masonic Temple

SLIDE SHOW ABOVE pictured...  With Ed Mattern, John Gutierrez, Sr. Todd Brown, David Benitez, Robert Kochis, Kyoshi Balba, Donald Henderson, Eduardo Edwin Apacible, Cesar Perez, Merlin Perez and Sam Nieto.  The Masonic Temple (founded in 1877) is a significant historical landmark in the City of Pomona. Located on 395 S Thomas St., the Temple has just recently celebrated its 130th Anniversary for local Free and Accepted Masons and Masonry.  Lodge 246 has been a beacon of tolerance, personal growth, ethics, freedom and self-empowerment. From helping to establish the nation’s first public school systems to helping bring California’s public schools out of crisis, Masons have been on the forefront of major issues throughout history. Pomona Proud was given a unique opportunity to get a sneak peek inside the Mason Lodge and speak with Javier Torrez-Plascencia, a Mason elder, who gave us information about the Pomona Masons, and allowed us to take exclusive photographs inside Pomona Lodge 246. IMG_2484 Masonic Temple The "Brotherhood" over the many decades has managed to captivate the hearts of others within the community, and create a curiosity for many of the local residents of what was inside this beautiful building.. The Fairplex Garden Railroad recently set a model replica of the Pomona Lodge.  In fact, as an additional honor, Torrez-Plascenia put an actual piece of the building inside the replica. It truly shows what Pomona means to the Freemasons. Masonic Temple The satisfaction of being part of a centuries-old Brotherhood whose traditions and core values are still relevant today and will endure for centuries to come is an important reason why people still become California Masons.

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